Streams FAQ

Frequently asked questions about Streams

How are Streams published?

As soon as each required item is checked off in the Editor, your Stream will be ready to publish. Any new episodes (audio or video) that you add will automatically be added to your published stream - no need to re-publish. Only if you make changes to the Listing or Theme, will you be prompted to re-publish.

Users are only notified of a new Stream if they are in the group(s) selected when the stream is first published.

TIP: If you want to test and review your Stream before releasing it to a large group, simply create a Test Group first and publish it there. For more info on when email notifications are sent to users, go here.

Is there a file size limit on streams?

No, you can upload any size file for your streams. Sizing limits are only applied to stories. However, it is good practice to think about your audience's bandwidth and device capability, and as a general rule you should optimise your video and audio as best you can without the loss of quality.

Is there an episode limit per stream?

Yes, you can syndicate, curate, or add up to 100 episodes per stream. If you are auto-syncing a podcast or YouTube channel the latest 100 episodes will always be available.

Will we need to whitelist YouTube for corporate networks?

If you plan on syndicating or curating YouTube videos you will need to whitelist the YouTube domain. We use YouTube's API and all video is served through the YouTube domain. YouTube does not currently provide an endpoint to physically syndicate a video through a different domain.

Will we need to whitelist for Podcasts?

No. With podcast curation and syncing we download episodes to our servers before they are published to users on your app. Podcast feeds host episodes from a variety of domains that would require open whitelisting - which could present a security threat to apps. By downloading episodes to our servers we are able to provide strict Content Security Policies and require our subscribers to whitelist the platform domain only.

Stream notifications

Below is a list of when notifications will be sent to users. Push notifications must be enabled in order for the user to receive notifications.

  • When a group is added and a stream is then published, users in that group will be notified.

  • If a user subscribes to a stream, they will be notified when there is an update (new episode added).

  • When a group is removed from a published story/stream, they will not be notified - access will just be removed.

  • When a group is added to a published stream, they will not be notified.

  • When a stream is unpublished, nobody will be notified.

Video Unavailable

If you are trying to view a YouTube video in your YouTube or video stream, it is possible that you may encounter this message: "Video Unavailable".

Area and platform restrictions are set by copyright owners The reason that a YouTube video is unavailable on your app could be due to location restrictions set by the original publisher of that video, i.e. restricted to certain countries only. Also, the video may have been restricted from being played on a mobile device. In some cases, unavailable videos are deleted due to copyright infringements.

Privacy Settings In some cases, video publishers restrict their videos to private or unlisted. If you are the video owner and your video has been set to private on YouTube, you need to login in order to view your video.

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