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Web Activity

Web activities are experiences that happen outside of an app.
The combination of Web Activity and Web Tracking is a powerful mechanism that allows any off-app activity & pathway integration to be limited only by the imagination.
Off-app experiences can take the form of websites, LMSes, web games, single-purpose interactives, or linking through to just about any platform.
How to create a web activity.
To simply track that a user has visited the URL, use the code snippet provided when you set up a Web Activity. This option is perfect if your web activity is server-less, or if it is a single-purpose interactive experience.
If you wish to provide deeper tracking with push and pull events, please read our Web Tracking API documentation.

Web Activity Example: Javascript Web Tracking

Here is a simple example of using the Javascript Web Tracking API.
Javascript Web Tracking example
Along the pathway, users are presented with a Web Activity that requires them to push a button 10 times in order to complete. When selecting the activity, the user will be taken to the external location/URL where the activity is hosted. Once the fulfilment has been reached (in this case pushing a button 10 times), the activity on the pathway will be marked as complete.
You can get the full source code on GitHub.