Group FAQ

Frequently asked questions about groups

Can I resend invites?

It depends on the invite status.
  • Expired: If a user has not activated their account within 3 days, the invite will expire and you will then be able to resend the expired invite.
  • Notified: You can resend an invite using the "Resend Invite" option.
  • Active: If an invite needs to be sent to an "Active" user again, the user must be removed and re-added.
Users are sent one reminder 1.5 days after receiving the first email invite. They can request a new activation code if theirs expires, or you can resend the invite.

Invite expired - what now?

If you received an invite to join a platform app and the activation code has expired, you can still use the "Join" link in the invitation email and then choose "Request a new one" to be sent a new activation code.

My users are not activating :(

Some users will ignore your group invitations - and the reasons for this vary.
It is recommended to communicate with your people before sending the invites. Let them know what's coming to encourage uptake.
Note: Unless you are using a custom domain, invites to join a group are sent from a platform email address.

User can't see a story the my app

If you have a platform app and can't see a specific story (or any stories) on the Discover section of the app, try the following:
  1. 1.
    Check to see the user has been added to a group that has permission to view the story. Your account agent or admin can search the group using your email address.
  2. 2.
    Check that the user is active on the group. If not send the invite to activate the user's group status.
  3. 3.
    Make sure the group that user was added to has been given access to the story.

Users didn't get an invite

Account agent / admin: If your users did not get an invite, please check:
  1. 1.
    That you hit the "Send Invites" button
  2. 2.
    That the status of user(s) added in Groups is Notified;
  3. 3.
    Check the section on Password & Login issues.

Users didn't get a new story notification

A new story notification email / push notification is sent when the story is first published and made available to the group they are in. When an update is published, users will also be notified.
Below is a list of when users with access to a stream/story will or won't be notified:
  • When a story is published and every time a published story is re-published, users will be notified ("Notify users" option must be selected).
  • When a group is removed from a published story/stream, they will not be notified and access will just be removed.
  • When a group is added to a published story/stream, they will not be notified
  • When a story/stream is unpublished, nobody will be notified.
  • Only users who have subscribed to a stream will be notified when a new episode is added.

Must authors and admins be added to a group?

We recommend adding authors and admins to both the Team and to Groups. Team members have access to all Beta stories, but will also need to be part of a Group to get specific story access.

How do I edit a user's details?

Pending Users: The account Agent or Admin can edit the user's details.
Active Users: If the user has already activated their account, the user must edit their own details (can not be edited by the Agent or Admin).

Why did I get an Activation Reminder?

If accounts are not activated within 1.5 days, a reminder email is sent.

Can I delete a user?

Whilst you can remove a user from your Groups, you can not delete their account off the platform. A user may, however, request to have their data removed from the platform.