Import SCORM Files

Import SCORM files and publish using our platform's LMS-less environment


What is it? "SCORM - which stands for Shareable Content Object Reference Model - is a set of technical standards for eLearning software products. SCORM tells programmers how to write their code so that it can “play well” with other eLearning software. It is the de-facto industry standard for eLearning interoperability. Specifically, SCORM governs how online learning content and Learning Management Systems (LMSs) communicate with each other." (

SCORM Import Validation

Platform Account holders who have access to the SCORM Import story type can upload a valid SCORM 1.2 or SCORM 2004 package.

SCORM imports are validated against the standards as per and SCORM Cloud. This means that SCORM files should run on and be tested on SCORM Cloud before being imported to the platform.

SCORM Import Error Handling

Our LMS-less environment is SCORM compliant. If the package does not work, please run it on SCORM Cloud to test and ensure that it works.

SCORM package issue and device compatibility are not related to the platform environment and import issues are not supported / fixed by the platform.

Package Issues

When packages are uploaded, the platform performs a vulnerability scan on files contain in the package and looks for files that require flagging:

  1. Dangerous. Files that can perform harmful attacks. Packages that have these types of files are automatically deleted.

  2. Unknown. Files that are not whitelisted throw a high / medium warning that should be reviewed.

  3. Suspicious. Files whose extension does not match its mime type throw a high / medium warning that should be reviewed.

  4. Deprecation. Files where technology deprecation has occurred or will soon occur.

Select the "i" icon to view details, and select the cogwheel icons to remove file/remove all types.

SCORM authoring software such as Articulate and Captivate export packages containing .html and flash .swf versions. It is safe to remove flash files from your package and we recommend doing this if they are not needed. The same applies to .gz zipped files.

Package Whitelisting

The platform utilises strict CSP (Content Security Policies) to prevent data from being extracted to external links unknowingly - also known as cross-site scripting & phishing attacks. This ensures SCORM packages that may contain external network calls are blocked by default.

As Scorm packages are provided by a 3rd party and the source is unknown to the author, it's important for these risks to be mitigated with best practices when it comes to web application security.

When you import your package, the platform scans the URL links and authors can then decide what should and should not be whitelisted.

External domains included in the Scorm export/package can be enabled/disabled.

Import Errors

Contact your support team. If imported packages do not run once imported on the platform, please retest on SCORM Cloud. If it works on SCORM Cloud, you need to contact your Learning Management System/Authoring platform vendor for support. Bugs and Errors. We will not provide support for SCORM import errors and package runtime errors or bugs. If your SCORM package does not work on SCORM Cloud, you need to contact your Learning Management System/Authoring platform vendor for support.

Scorm Package Layouts. Scorm packages created by other authoring tools may have different capabilities when it comes to responsive design. The platform will only load the package in full screen but not correct display issues originating from external authoring tools. If you have mobile display issues, please query this with the vendor.

How to import SCORM files

Open Authoring and select "+" to add a new story. From the story type options, select "Scorm Package".

Upload your Scorm Package then complete all the necessary Editor details as you would for any story.

In "Scorm Package", you can see upload versions, upload a new Scorm file, and review the Package Issues and Package Whitelisting. Stories imported to the platform will run on technologies that are licensed under the platform Terms & Conditions. Please also refer to the SCORM import terms.

Unlike stories that can be saved offline, SCORM packages will not work offline on the platform app, i.e. an internet connection is required to view imported stories.

SCORM Import Analytics

The platform is able to provide detailed analytics not normally available in a SCORM package. You can also make use of selected story settings.

Analytics will record the following from a SCORM package:

SCORM Export Terms

  1. SCORM packages are limited in their analytic ability due to the nature of SCORM. The exported story can therefore only offer a basic version of analytics, in comparison to the in-depth insights provided by the platform.

  2. Reflective & survey page results can not be tracked on SCORM.

  3. Assignment uploads are not possible on SCORM.

  4. We suggest you have support teams in place to assist with the Scorm Cloud testing and package exporting.

  5. SCORM Import packages do not come with a warranty and we do not guarantee that exports will work. The platform will not be liable for any errors when imports do not work on SCORM Cloud.

  6. SCORM packages running on a platform web app only work on evergreen browsers, including Microsoft EDGE, and above. Older or deprecated browsers are not supported.

If a vendor such as Apple, Google, or Microsoft deprecates a browser, the platform will discontinue support for such browsers accordingly. This ensures continued visual, interactive, and secure compliance is maintained.

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