Exporting Analytics

How to export analytics

You can export detailed analytics for each Group.

If you have used the Text Response or Survey template, you can also export the written answers submitted by users.

Group Export

From Analytics & Trends, go to the Groups section to see a list of all groups. You can export for all groups or for a specific group only. Select the table icon to start the export.

Group Export Data



User's Name and surname


User's email address


User's age


Which country the user is in


Which city the user is in


More detailed location, e.g. suburb, if exact location was shared


Name of group that user is part of


Active: active app user

Duplicate: user is part of one or more groups

Story Name

Progress on story: Started, In Progress, Completed

Story Score

Out of 100%

Question Analysis

You can export written responses, multiple choice answers, and survey results submitted by users in a Text Response, Multiple Choice or Survey template.

Go to a Story's analytics and select "Question Analysis". Use the settings icon to Open or Export (excel format).

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