Page Theme

Create reusable page themes for your templates

When to use it

Create page themes to quickly adopt a consistent style across multiple pages.

If you choose custom colours for your font/text, that colour will also be used in Dark Mode.

Create a Page Theme

Select the template to open the Options menu and then select Page Theme. To create a theme, select the Create Theme button

Next, upload an image, add a Theme Name, and specify the Background Position, Text Colour and Text Shadow. Save.

You will now be able to apply this Theme to your Text & Image + Text templates.

Page Themes can only be applied to Text & Image + Text templates. Check template features by browsing the Template Library.

Apply a Page Theme

Select your template to open the Options menu, select Page Theme.

Next, select the tick icon to the left of the theme you wish to apply.

Theme Font Colours

When using a Page Theme, it is recommended to set the font colour that should be applied to all font styles in templates using that Page Theme.

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