Video Cover

Full-page video with text overlay

How To Use It

Use this template to add impressive video introductions or cool animations. The video will fill the whole page and can include a text overlay. Videos must be in .mp4 format at a 16:9 ratio.

It's recommended to keep the video size below 10MB to avoid exceeding the story size limit of 100MB.

In stories, please use videos sparingly to avoid lagging. Use Streams when your content is video-rich.

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Background Colours






Options & Settings

Text Settings

Text Layout Type

Heading & Sub-Heading (small heading max. 24 characters and big heading max 45 characters), or Heading & Text (big heading with max. 45 characters and text with max. 144 characters).

Text Position Choose the heading text position: Center, Top Left, Top Center, Top Right, Bottom Left, Bottom Center, or Bottom Right.

Text Colour Select from the available options.

Text Shadow Select Yes/No.

Video Control

Video Controls

Controls (options for the user to play, pause, adjust sound, etc). By default, controls are not added.

Autoplay Video

By default, videos autoplay as soon as the user opens the page. If you do not choose to autoplay, a play button will be added.

When the video ends... Decide what happens at the end of the video: Play again (default), Stop, Go to next page.

Loop Keyframe (In Seconds)

Use this option if you want your video to loop after a certain point - the video will play in full the first time and can then play again at a specific point based on the delay indicated in seconds. For example, if you only want to play intro effects once, you can use keyframe settings to loop only the part of the video that does not contain the intro.

Layout & Effects Options

Video Fill

Set priority on how the video must fill the page. Fill width or height will fill the video to edge of the screen. Contain width or height will fill the video to the edge of the story navigation.

Video Position

Set the anchor from which the video must fill from. Center, Top, Left, Right or Bottom.

Filters Apply an Instagram type filter to the video.

Background Color Set a color to use in blends and behind the video.

Blend Blend the video into the background using the background color and video position.

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