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Create a Story

How to create a story
Authoring allows you to create content stories that can be published to your app.
To create a new story, select the "+" icon (top right). You'll be asked to choose a story type. Each type accommodates different content and objectives.
Choose a story type and add story details

Story Details

Once you have selected a type, you will be prompted to enter story details:
Name your story ( you can edit the name later in the Listing section.
Choose from your account default or a custom theme that you have already created.
Editor Version
You can choose to use the latest (2.2) version of the Editor, or make use of the legacy (2.1) version. The latest version is recommended.
Publish content to...
If your account is linked to more than one app, you can select which app this story should be published to. You can only choose to publish to one app.