Analytics Explained

Learn to interpret your analytics


Analytics reveals how users are interacting with content.

Story analytics & logs are available for each story and provide insight into detailed results for each page template.

Track how many users have viewed and completed stories, and check their progress.

Platform app users can see their progress analytics on the app. More on that here.


Real-time analytics are a glimpse into interaction with your app and content. Interactions are counted by each page viewed.

You can filter real-time analytics by group, city, and country to see a snapshot of activity from the last hour up to the last 7 days.

Filter Type


Allows you to filter story & app analytics by selected groups


Allows you to filter story & app analytics by selected countries


Allows you to filter story & app analytics by selected cities

Build (Story Only) Allows you to filter story analytics by published story versions.


Frequency Shows the number of unique users vs the number of sessions per day. You can filter: Daily, Monthly, Annually. A session is recorded when the user returns to the app or interacts with content.

Top Locations Shows a location map of where users are based. It is possible to select a country to drill down and see which regions/provinces contain the most users.

Age Ranges Shows the average age group of your audience.

Retention Shows the user uptake in cohorts (groups) over the last 8 weeks. This allows you to see how many new users were acquired (started using the app) each week, and how many of them used the app again over a 7 week period. Adoption (App Only) Shows the app versions & device types that your users are on and the number of users on each version.

Tip: For retention, compare the rows to see how well users are retained in each cohort. This can help you understand the retention results within the context of campaigns, seasons, holidays, etc.

Ratings & Reviews

Did people enjoy your story? There are two places to check:

  1. In Analytics & Trends, you can see the latest ratings & reviews.

  2. Go to a Story's analytics to see story-specific ratings & reviews.

Ratings are users who rated the story (with or without a comment). Reviews are written comments. For reviews, you will see:

  • The name of the user

  • When the comment was made (how many days ago)

  • The user's comment (if applicable)

  • The star rating (out of 5) that the user gave the story


Who's leading the pack? View Overall, Group, Country, or City Leaderboards.




Shows all users and their overall ranking


Shows user ranking by group


Shows user ranking by country


Shows user ranking by city

Each leaderboard will show the total points earned, the time taken to complete the story, and the number of attempts.

Use the filtering tool (click on the filter icon top right) to filter your leaderboard by: stories, groups, countries, cities.

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