Progress / Trophy
Show users how they are doing
The Progress / Trophy template is only available in Editor 2.1. When using the new Editor (2.2), you can now award Certificates.
This template allows you to award trophies and show the reader their score at the end of a chapter or story.
Progress / Trophy page setup
Enter a Trophy title (max. 24 characters) and description (max. 255 characters). Next, upload a trophy icon (512 x512 px in .svg, .jpg or .png format).
Lastly, determine the Score Type and Trophy Set. To create a Trophy Set, select Trophies & Quizzes from the top menu in Authoring, choose Trophies, and then select +Trophy Set.
By adding this Progress / Trophy page template (e.g. at the end of a quiz or story), the user will be presented with the following:
  • Chapter Score / Story Score
  • Skill Points Gained
  • Experience Points Gained
If you want to remove one of the trophies on offer (Gold, Silver or Bronze), you can set the conditional trophy score to "0", thereby will disabling it.
To learn more about how trophies, scores and progress can be tracked by the user on their Falkor app, have a look here.


Background Colours

Options & Settings

Score Type
For "Use Story Score", the user will earn the trophy based on their final, overall story score. If you choose "Use Chapter Score", the user will earn the trophy based on their chapter results.
Trophy Set
You can choose "None ~ Just show Progress" to only show progress (the user's current score), or you can assign a Trophy Set.
Trophy Conditions
If you have assigned a Trophy Set, you can adjust the required scores that a reader must obtain in order to earn Gold, Silver & Bronze trophies (1% to 100%).
Background Colour
Select an alternative background colour to override the theme default.