Physical Activity

Ask users to attend and/or complete a physical activity.

If you need users to complete a non-digital activity, you can describe the task and define the fulfilment requirements.




Activity Name

Name the activity (this will appear on the pathway).

Activity Notes

Add text and links.

Activity Instructions

Add text to describe the activity (no text formatting options).

Activity Settings




Choose whether the activity is required (activity must be fulfilled in order to proceed) or optional (can be skipped).

Honour Fulfilment

Ask the user to confirm that they have fulfilled the activity - and take their word for it.

Upload Fulfilment

Allow users to upload a file or photo to support that they have fulfilled the activity.

Check-In Fulfilment

Allow users to check-in to the location when they get there. This will confirm fulfilment.

QR Code Scan Fulfilment

Select this option if you want to generate a printable QR Code and make it available at the physical location. Users will use their app to scan the code.

Tip: To print the QR code (when using this as your fulfilment option), simply right-click and save the image.

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