Animated Video

Create a stop-start video

This template can be used to add interactive videos that are split into parts - or keyframes. This means that the video will play and stop at specified time intervals. The user will need to tap the screen/click to continue the video.

In the example video below, the keyframes are set so that the video will stop after 5 seconds, and again after 9 seconds.

How To Use It

Insert your video (.mp4 and 16:9 ratio) and set one or more keyframes. For each keyframe, you need to specify the time (in seconds) when the video must stop. To add your keyframe, you must select the "+" icon.

It is recommended to keep video size below 10MB to avoid exceeding the story size limit of 100MB.




Background Colours







Options & Settings


Mobile Adaptation

Set how you would like the image to appear on a mobile screen, i.e. Rotate to Fit or Clip to Center/Left/Right (note that if you do not want your video to be clipped on mobile view, you should select "Rotate to Fit"). Users will then need to flip their device to see the full-size video.

Background Colour

Select an alternative background colour to override the theme default.

Video Fill Here you can select to Fill (Default) the entire page, Fill Height (video fills the page from top to bottom) or Fill Width (video fills the page from side to side but not from top to bottom).

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