Create Rewards that can be assigned to a Rewards Activity.

In Rewards, you can create rewards that can then be assigned to a Rewards Activity in a pathway.

To create a new reward, select the "+" icon, then adjust your options and settings.

Options & Settings



Reward Icon

Search for and select a suitable icon for your reward.

Reward Details

Add the reward title/name, instructions on how to redeem the reward (max. 255 characters), and a link to the reward terms and conditions (optional).

Reward Support Contact

Provide the contact name and email address of the person who can be contacted by the user if they have any question about the reward or need help to redeem it.

Reward Limits

Define how many of the rewards are available. When the maximum is reached, the user will be notified that the reward is no longer available and they can get in touch with the Reward Support Contact.

You can also decide whether or not to make the reward a limited offer. This can be done by setting a fixed expiry date (reward must be redeemed by DD/MM/YYYY), or by setting a dynamic expiry date (redeem with X days after receiving the reward).

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