Managing Users
Creating groups & managing users
For details on how users sign up and get the app, go to User Onboarding.

How it Works

By default, new groups will not have access to any stories. Make sure that a group has been given story access before sending invites.

Add a Group

Create a group, add/import users & send invites
STEP 1: Add Group
STEP 2: Group Setup
STEP 3: Add Users
From the Groups page, select the "+ Add Group" button (top right)
Enter your Group Name and select which app(s) the group must have access to.
Next, you will be asked to add or import users to the group. You can also do this later. To add users manually (one-by-one), select "+Users". To import users via a CSV file, select the "Import" button.

Add Users

Add & invite individual users to a group
To add users one-by-one, access the group options icon, select "Manage Users", then select the "+Users" button (top right).
Enter each user's Name, Surname, E-mail & Mobile. Select the "+" icon to add the entry.
If you need to add lots of users to a group, you can make use of the import option to upload a .CSV file.
From the group's options, select "Manage Users" and select the +Import option (top right) to import a .csv file.
The .csv can contain: Name, Surname, E-mail and Mobile values (use UTF-8 format and semi-colons as your tab separator). Download the import template to ensure correct formatting.
Once uploaded, you will see a preview of your imported contacts. Select "Import" to approve and add users to your group.
Users added to a group will be in a "Pending" status until the invite has been sent.

Removing Users or Groups

Users can be individually removed via the user options menu
Delete an entire group via the groups options menu
Deleting a user or a group will remove story access. If the app is private, app access will also be revoked.
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