Invite Users
The user invite & onboarding process

Private vs Public App Users

Only private app users will be sent a unique activation code. The activation code expired after 3 days, and invite reminders are send after 1.5 days. When the invite expires, the user can request a new code, or the admin can resend the invite with a new activation code.

How to Add & Invite Users

Add a user and then send the invite
Once you have created a group and added users, you can send the invitation for them to join your app.
Select the "Send Invites" button in order to send out the invitations. The invited users will receive an email and go through the activation process.
When a user is added to a group, their status will be in "Pending" until the invitation is sent.

Invite Expired

User invites - and the activation code - expire after 3 days. Once expired, user can still use the "Join" link to request a new code.
As an admin, you can also resend user invites.

Resend Invite

Resend a group invitation when it has expired
To resend, simply select the settings icon for the relevant user and then select "Resend Invite".
To send multiple expired invites, use the "Send Invites" button (top right) and select "Send Expired Invite(s)".
Use the "Resend Invite" option

Nudge: Invite Reminders

If a user has not activated their account within 1.5 days, a reminder/nudge is sent.
Nudges are only sent once. A user whose expired invite was re-sent will not receive a nudge again.
The reminder email contains two options:
  1. 1.
    "Join" - link to user onboarding. The original activation code that was sent 1.5 days prior, will need to be used.
  2. 2.
    "Send new code" - will send a new activation code. The code sent in the first mail will no longer be valid.
Nudge email reminding users to activate their account
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