Tracking Activations

Tracking users activations, nudges, invites

User Status

Go to the Group page to track user activations & status


On the Groups page, you will see a breakdown of all user status. Open a group to search individual user status.




User has been added to a group but has not been invited yet


User has been sent an invite


User has been sent an invite and has also been sent a reminder (after 1.5 days)


User did not activate their invite (after 3 days)


User has activated and confirmed their invite

User Status and Join Date

When you search for a user in Groups, the result will display their NAME and email, LOCATION, and STATUS.

The status will display the user's current status and the date on which they first logged in to their account (if available).

Last Seen

To see when a user last logged in and was active in their account, go to the User tab in Groups.

How to check a user's last login date