User Notifications

Send notifications to users

Push Notifications

Push notifications are sent when a story or stream is published If the story is public it will only notify users that have already opened the story. If the story is available to users in groups with story access, it will notify all of those group users.

Users need to enable push notifications for your app on their devices in order to receive notifications.

For more on when notifications are sent for a story or stream go here.

Email Notifications

Email notifications are sent to users who are added to Team Management or to a Group.

Custom Notifications

Custom notifications can be sent to all the groups in your account.

Send notifications to your groups

In Groups, select the notifications icon (top right).

Create your notification and select push notification (sent to all users who have enabled push notifications on their devices) or email notification (an email is sent to all active users in a group).

You will see a preview of your notification and a status confirming when it has been sent.

If you have multiple Falkor apps, you can choose which app your message should be sent to.